Para você que já tem um domínio comprado no e quer conectá-lo a uma aplicação no Heroku.

Quando você cria uma aplicação no Heroku, um subdomínio é automaticamente criado em tornando seu site acessível via, por exemplo, Acontece que você também comprou o domínio usando e gostaria de usá-lo para redirecionar para o seu site, certo? Então, como faz?

Para domínios com www

Para servir de exemplo, digamos que você é dono do domínio e gostaria de linká-lo com sua aplicação do Heroku. …

And Why They Changed It All

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Two weeks ago I started recording my work and sharing it on YouTube.

I've heard you could make some cents out of it, and I guessed it'd be worth giving it a try. If nothing worked, at least I'd be sharing some useful content with others and paying it back to the community.

That was until I realized you actually first need to gather 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watched hours. Just to start making ANY money on YouTube.


Recently I've started writing a personal blog and, since I'm not making any money, I didn't want to pay for it. As simple as that.

I've then decided to use GitHub pages to do the job. The problem is, by default, my URL looked something like this:

Even though that could be acceptable by most, I'd rather have a full custom domain, so I bought one (, and here are the three quick steps I used to make my GitHub pages available in the correct URL.

Set up Your GitHub Repository Settings

Start by opening your repository and going to the Settings tab.

If you don’t write tests yet, well, it’s never too late.

At Doctolib, it is mandatory to write automated tests for every little feature you develop. We have currently 12,000 automated tests (and counting). That being said, developers cannot just run the whole test suite in their local machines — it’s not feasible. It is recommended though that people run at least the tests concerned by their contribution.

Wait, can’t I launch specific tests?

Yep! On Rails, there are several ways you can selectively run tests:

# launch all tests
rails test
# launch all tests inside a folder
rails test test/models
# launch all tests…

Quick guide to have your ruby environment set up in Sublime Text 3 with rubocop and rbenv. It was quite tricky for me at first. Hope it helps.

Image result for rubocop

Install the Rubocop package

Open the Package Installer using the cmd+P dialog:

Using GitHub Pages,, and also free SSL certificate.

After a long research, I couldn't find any tutorial explaining how to setup a GitHub Page using SSL at Hope the following is useful for you.

1. Setup your DNS at

Login to your account, and select the domain of your choice.

Based on a Hacker News solution proposed by StreakyCobra

In his own words, some advantages of this approach are:

No extra tooling, no symlinks, files are tracked on a version control system, you can use different branches for different computers, you can replicate you configuration easily on new installation.

Getting started

If you're starting from scratch, go ahead and…

  • create a .dotfiles folder, which we'll use to track your dotfiles
git init --bare $HOME/.dotfiles
  • create an alias dotfilesso you don't need to type it all over again
alias dotfiles='/usr/bin/git --git-dir=$HOME/.dotfiles/ --work-tree=$HOME'
  • set git status to hide untracked files
dotfiles config --local status.showUntrackedFiles…

How to create a custom function to connect Google Sheets + Mailchimp API

How did it all start?

At every week starts with a meeting. On Monday we revisit last week's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and focus on gathering insightful information to work on this week.

One of our key metrics is Mailchimp newsletter subscribers. That's important to understand if our campaigns are working. So every week I'd open Mailchimp to get this single piece of information. Not cool, right?

So I decided to give a shot on Google Spreadsheets and to try to automate this single process by using the Mailchimp API. …

Nice! But how can I use it? What are specific use cases?
Or why should I even care about it?

Well, every company I worked before had its routines. Daily, weekly, monthly, on even non-periodic. Most of them were simple tasks you could easily manage through Google Calendar, Wunderlist, Trello, Slack, or whatever, just choose your weapon.

In some cases though, these weapons were not sufficient. Sometimes you have to access your database and check if a stock price raised above an specific value, or monitor if an e-mail message was received and extract its attachment which is a zip…

Until its 2010 version, Excel default behavior was to open all spreadsheets in a single window. Happily, there is a way to force your spreadsheets to automatically open in different windows. This way you can freely manipulate them around your monitor and work side-by-side.

Flavio Antelo

Brazilian full-stack developer. Living and working in Paris. Sharing productivity hot tips for web development.

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